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New Collection: Genome editing technologies and applications

BMC Plant Biology, together with BMC Biotechnology, present the latest collection of articles on the advances in genome editing technologies and applications. Click to read the full collection.

BMC Series Focus Issue

August: Health Disparities

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With World Humanitarian Day falling on 19th August, the BMC Series decided to focus on health disparities in August’s focus issue. Browse our biology, chemistry and medical titles for insight into health disparities, including racial health disparities, socioeconomic health disparities and regional disparities

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Featured Articles

Moonlight and circadian clocks

Full moonlight negatively impacts photosynthesis and promotes transcription of redox genes suggesting that moonlight is in fact perceived as stress by coffee plants. Read the full article here.

Where does your apple come from in Europe?

A whole genome SNP reconstruction maps the pedigree of apple germplasms across Europe in this recently published study. Read the full article here.

Sweeten to induce flowering

FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT) pathway that is central to flowering induces a sucrose transporter to facilitate sucrose uptake and induce flowering. Read the full article here.

Research Data Support for authors

Research Data Support is an optional Springer Nature service available to researchers who have datasets they want to make easier to cite, share and find. Learn more about this service and the many benefits of making your data publicly available. 


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BMC Plant Biology is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that considers articles on all aspects of plant biology, including molecular, cellular, tissue, organ and whole organism research.

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What makes for sound science?

The inclusive threshold policy for publication in BMC journals including BMC Plant Biology means that editorial decisions are largely based on the soundness of the research presented rather than the novelty or potential impact of the work. Here our Editors discuss what is required to ensure that research meets the requirement of scientific soundness.

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