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Table 4 Correlation analysis of TaHMT genes and lncRNAs

From: Comprehensive molecular evaluation of the histone methyltransferase gene family and their important roles in two-line hybrid wheat

mRNA lncRNA (Genome Version: TGACv1) R P-value mode
TaHMT39 TRIAE_CS42_2DS_TGACv1_177271_AA0571600 lncRNA1a 0.9504 1.73E-08 cis
TRIAE_CS42_2DS_TGACv1_178127_AA0591260 lncRNA2 0.9541 1.02E-08 cis
TRIAE_CS42_7DS_TGACv1_622339_AA2037900 lncRNA3 0.9639 1.93E-09 trans
TaHMT49 TRIAE_CS42_5BL_TGACv1_404911_AA1314590 LncRNA4 0.9517 1.44E-08 trans
  1. a Numbered in the order of the tables, R and mode of action are detailed in Materials and Methods