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Table 4 Phenotypic and morphological characteristics between ‘Tommy Atkins’ and ‘Kensington Pride’ [48, 49]

From: The ‘Tommy Atkins’ mango genome reveals candidate genes for fruit quality

Phenotypic and morphological trait ‘Tommy Atkins’ ‘Kensington Pride’
Embryony Monoembryonic Polyembryonic
Fruit weight (g) 400.1 g 410.9 g
Fruit dimensions (LxWxD in mm) 77 × 36 × 20 109 × 92 × 42
Fruit shape Ovate round Ovate
% flesh recovery 77% 79%
Canopy habit Upright Spreading
Yield High Medium
Canopy openness Medium to open Dense
Tree vigor Semi dwarf Vigorous
Seasonality Mid to late Early
Fruit blush color at ripe Yellow with a strong burgundy blush all over Yellow with pink blush up to 45% of skin
Fibrous flesh level Medium Low
Firmness at ripe Firm Soft
Fruit retained on panicle One to three One