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Fig. 1

From: Ostkpr1 functions in anther cuticle development and pollen wall formation in rice

Fig. 1

Phenotypic comparisons between WT and the ostkpr1–2 mutant. a Plants after bolting. b Rice panicles at the heading stage. c Spikelets at the heading stage. d Spikelets after removal of the lemma and palea. e Anther at stage 13 of WT. f Stage 13 WT pollen grains stained with 2% I2-KI solution. Mature pollen grains are stained. g Anther at stage 13 of ostkpr1–2 mutant. h Contents of stage 13 anthers of ostkpr1–2 stained with 2% I2-KI solution showing no pollen grains. gl, glume; le, lemma; pa, palea; st, stamen. Bars = 2 mm in c, 1 mm in d and e, and 100 μm in f and g

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