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Table 4 DMGs involved in fidelity transmission of genetic information within GO annotation and their demethylated types in soybean

From: High-resolution DNA methylome reveals that demethylation enhances adaptability to continuous cropping comprehensive stress in soybean

Process involved Pathway involved Transcript name Protein name DMG Type
DNA repair Nucleotide excision repair Glyma16g28290 XPD CG
Glyma07g31520 TFIIH4 CG
Mismatched repair Glyma10g02390 MutLĪ± CG
RNA biosynthesis Basal transcription factors Glyma07g31520 TFIIH4 CG
Glyma16g28290 XPD CG
Spliceosome Glyma17g11410 Snu114 CHG
RNA surveillance Glyma03g34240 PP2A CHG
Glyma03g14700; Glyma01g27240 RNGTT CG; CHG
Protein biosynthesis Protein processing in endoplasmic reticulum Glyma06g19000; Glyma03g33990; Glyma12g30060 P97 CG; CG; CHG