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Table 2 Haplotype data of wheat lines with six SNP loci co-segregating with Lr16

From: Highly predictive SNP markers for efficient selection of the wheat leaf rust resistance gene Lr16

Wheat line or cultivar ITa Lr16 status BS00108724_kwm461 2BS-5192454_kwm677 2BS-5203447_kwm742 2BS-5194460_kwm747 2BS-5175914_kwm847 2BS-5175914_kwm849
McKenzie, RL4137 ;1- Carrier a a a a a a
AC Barrie, AC Domain, AC Majestic, Buck Manantial, Kenyon, RL6005 (Tc-Lr16) 1- Carrier a a a a a a
BW278, Kanata, Prodigy 1+ Carrier a a a a a a
86ISMN 2137, 98B26-N1C01, AC Cadillac, Alikat, BW314a, CDC Teal, Frontana, McNeal, Neepawa, Park, Roblin, Sunstate 3- Non-carrier b b b b b b
96B42-E3C, AAC Chiffon, AAC Indus, AC Meena, BW711, CDC Origin, CDC Thrive, Glenlea, Lancer, Lee, LMPG-6S, Marquis, RL6071, Sadash 3 Non-carrier b b b b b b
93464, 8802-EB3C, 94B30-C6D, 9606-AQ01C, 97B03-N2C, 98B25-AS5C03, 98B60-W1A, AC Abbey, AC Bellatrix, AC Crystal, AC Eatonia, AC Foremost, AC Michael, AC Nanda, AC Reed, AC Vista, Alvena, Apex, Ashby, Bhishaj, Biggar, Broatch's Whitehead, BW270, BW553, BW591, BW608, BW621, BW666, BW710, BW717, Canthatch, Canuck, Canus, CDC Bounty, CDC Harrier, CDC Kernen, CDC Makwa, CDC Nexon, CDC Osprey, CDC Ptarmigan, CDC Silex, CDN Bison, Chablis, Chinese Spring, Chinook, Conquer VB, Conway, Coronation, Cypress, Garnet, Hartog, Hoffman hrf, Huron, HY476, Katepwa, Kota, L8509-N5A, Ladoga, Lake, Leader, Manitou, Milan 13, Nandu, ND2827, Pacific, Percy, Pioneer-2375, Prelude, Preston, Radiant, Red Bobs 222, Red Fife, Redman, Regent, Reliance, Renfrew, Renown, Rescue, Reward, RL4452, Ruby, Saunders, SC8021-V2, Sinton, Snowhite476, Stanley, Supreme, Thatcher, W95132, White Fife 3+ Non-carrier b b b b b b
CL55, CL56, CL133, CP2911, Little Club 3 + 4 Non-carrier b b b b b b
Morocco 4 Non-carrier b b b b b b
  1. aInfection type; resistant = ‘0’, ‘;’, ‘1’, or ‘2’, susceptible = ‘3’ or ‘4’