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Table 2 HPSGC and their various functional groups and signaling pathways that could contribute to WS root skewing

From: Skewing in Arabidopsis roots involves disparate environmental signaling pathways

Gene Symbol Log2(FC) Catalytic activity Hormone Cell Wall Sugar Biotic stress Mobile mRNA Dark Salt Root cell Water SUBA3
p < 0.05; q < 0.05
 At4g26260 MIOX4 1.570 X X   X      X   cytosol
 At4g24890 PAP24 1.414 X   X         extracellular
 At3g47340 ASN1 2.080 X    X    X     cytosol
 At2g25150   1.839 X           cytosol
 At5g02020 SIS 1.200         X    nucleus
 At5g66780   1.556            plastid
 At3g28310   1.430            nucleus
p < 0.05 only
 At3g60140 DIN2 2.214 X    X   X X     vacuole, extracellular
 At4g35770 STR15/SEN1 2.100   X      X     plastid (chloro., thylakoid)
 At3g48740 SWEET11 1.804     X X       plasma membrane
 At4g10310 HKT1 1.021         X   X plasma membrane
  1. HPSGC are reported, with “X” indicating to which process or category each member belongs. SUBA3 reports localization of each HPSGC