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Table 2 Correlations between bundle fiber strength and other fiber properties from the F2 plant derived from a cross between MD52ne and MD90ne

From: Comparative fiber property and transcriptome analyses reveal key genes potentially related to high fiber strength in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) line MD52ne

Fiber properties Measuring method Sample numbers Correlation coefficient (r) R 2 p-value Correlation with BFS
UHML HVI 384 0.360 0.129 <0.0001*** Yes
MIC HVI 384 0.108 0.012 0.0343* Yes
MR AFIS 380 0.169 0.029 0.001*** Yes
Fineness AFIS 380 0.110 0.012 0.0325* Yes
FE HVI 384 −0.049 0.002 0.340 No
  1. Average bundle fiber strength (BFS), fiber length (UHML), micronaire (MIC), maturity ratio (MR), fineness, and fiber elongation (FE) were calculated from five replicates of each F2 progeny plant. Linear regression and correlation data between bundle fiber strength and other fiber properties were determined by Graphad Prism 5.0. Statistical significance was shown at the probability levels under 0.05*, and 0.001***