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Table 2 Effect of photoperiod on the GA responsiveness of strawberry runners and axillary buds.

From: Gibberellin mediates daylength-controlled differentiation of vegetative meristems in strawberry (Fragaria × ananassaDuch)

  SD-GA3 SD to LD-GA3 SD +GA3 SD to LD +GA3
Runners 0 1 3 13
Branch crowns 10 12 6 0
Runner length (mm) 129 ± 47 142 ± 44 145 ± 48 247 ± 35
  1. Plants were grown in SD for 10–18 days, and 25 μg of GA3 (in 70% EtOH) was applied to the tip of 2- to 4-day-old runners, after which the plants were either left in SD or moved to LD conditions. Control plants were treated with EtOH only. The fate of axillary buds was evaluated, and the final length of the treated runner (mm, two internodes preceding the axillary bud) was measured after 28 days.