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Figure 1

From: Down-regulation of acetolactate synthase compromises Ol-1- mediated resistance to powdery mildew in tomato

Figure 1

Schematic representation of the genomic sequences of tomato acetolactate synthase genes ALS1 , ALS2 and ALS3 . PCR fragments used in VIGS and RNAi constructs are indicated, as well as gene-specific fragments amplified in qRT-PCR analyses for quantification of gene expression. The fragment indicated as ‘VIGS + RNAi ALS1 + 2’ was present in TRV-U196237 and also used for stable transformation using an RNAi construct. TDF M11E69-195 from NIL-Ol-1 showed the highest level of homology with exon 3 of ALS3.

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