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Table 2 Seed yield of IMT transgenic lines

From: Perturbing the metabolic dynamics of myo-inositol in developing Brassica napus seeds through in vivo methylation impacts its utilization as phytate precursor and affects downstream metabolic pathways

Line Seed yield (g/plant)
Westar 10.56 ± 0.76
N-11 11.20 ± 0.80
Ph1-18 10.11 ± 0.62
Ph2-15 9.74 ± 0.69
Ph3-19 9.76 ± 0.69
  1. Mature seeds of Westar, napin-IMT (N-11) and phaseolin-IMT (Ph1-18, Ph2-15 and Ph3-19) transgenic lines were harvested and weighed. Each data point represents mean value of five biological replicates ±SE (Standard error).