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Table 1 Root and fungal growth conditions used in the experiments for case 1

From: Automated analysis of calcium spiking profiles with CaSA software: two case studies from root-microbe symbioses

   P l a n t
   KH2PO435 μM KH2PO43,5 mM
  KH 2 PO 4 3,5 mM EHP-MLP EHP-MHP
  1. Starting from the standard conditions [10] where G. margarita spores are germinated in distilled water (exudate low phosphate, ELP) and M. truncatula ROCs are grown on M medium (medium low phosphate, MLP), we considered three alternative cases where the Pi concentration is raised to 3,5 mM for either the plant (ELP-MHP) or the fungus (EHP-MLP) medium, or both (EHP-MHP).