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Table 1 Proteins copurified with AtRanBPM are members of CTLH complexes

From: Interactions of an Arabidopsis RanBPM homologue with LisH-CTLH domain proteins revealed high conservation of CTLH complexes in eukaryotes

Protein name AGI number Band No. MW [kDa] No. peptides Sequence coverage [%] Aranet/ATTED-II Members of CTLH complex in other organisms
AtRanBPM At1g35470 1 52 17/41 41/60   RanBPM [Q96S59] Gid1/Vid30 [P53076]***
LisH and RanBPM domain-containing protein At1g61150 6 25 8/26 41/82 -/+ Twa1 [Q9NWU2]**Gid8 [P40208]***
LisH/CRA/RING-U-box domain-containing protein At3g55070 4 48 10/17 28/31 +/- MAEA [Q7L5Y9]*Gid9p [P40492]***
LisH/CRA/RING-U-box domain-containing protein At4g37880 5 44 9/8 32/22 +/- RMD5 [Q9H871]*Gid2 [Q12508]***
Transducin/WD40 domain-containing protein At5g08560 2 66 17/14 38/31 +/- WDR26 [Q9H7D7]
Transducin/WD40 domain-containing protein At5g43920 3 60 6/4 13/7 +/- WDR26 [Q9H7D7]
  1. Proteins (for band numbering see Figure 4A) copurified with AtRanBPM protein were identified by both MALDI-MS and LC-MALDI-MS/MS analysis. The values before and after the slash in the columns “No. peptides” and “Sequence coverage” refer to MALDI-MS and LC-MALDI-MS/MS data, respectively. Homologues of human CTLH-complex members reported by Kobayashi et al., [15] (*), proteins in the complex described by Umeda et al. [12] (**), yeast homologues in the Gid complex published by Regelmann et al. [16] (***).