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Table 1 Main stem and leaf measurements analysis

From: A novel mesh processing based technique for 3D plant analysis

Comparison between the automated and manual measurements
  |v x | E x Range (mm) σ x E x,10% σ x,10% R x 2 ICC x RMSE x
Main Stem Height 24 9.34% 15.95 11.50% 7.29% 6.88% 0.887 0.941 19.043
Leaf Width 180 5.75% 5.11 6.40% 4.78% 3.20% 0.957 0.974 7.287
Leaf Length 180 8.78% 6.93 8.36% 7.92% 5.42% 0.948 0.967 9.707
  1. In this table, we compare the values automatically extracted from the meshes with our direct measurements. |v x | is the cardinality of v x , E x and Ex,10%are respectively the non-trimmed and trimmed (10% extrema values removed) mean absolute percentage errors, and σ x and σx,10% are respectively the non-trimmed and trimmed standard deviations. R x 2 is the squared Pearson correlation coefficient, ICC x is the intraclass correlation coefficient. RMSE x is the Root Mean Square Error.