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Figure 2 | BMC Plant Biology

Figure 2

From: A novel mesh processing based technique for 3D plant analysis

Figure 2

Automated segmentation pipeline. Illustration of the 4 successive steps of the segmentation pipeline: (1) coarse segmentation - takes as input the non segmented plant mesh and provides as output a plant mesh roughly segmented (1 region for the main stem (red) and N regions for the associated petioles and leaves (other colours)), (2) precise stem segmentation - takes as input the main stem previously segmented (region M) and partitions it into several internodes, (3) petiole segmentation - takes as input a given associated leaf and petiole (from step 1) and separates them into two distinct regions (process repeated for all the associated leaves/petioles), and (4) leaf segmentation - takes as input a given separated leaf and segments it into adaxial/abaxial surfaces and left/right parts (process repeated for all the leaves).

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