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Archived Comments for: Deficiency of maize starch-branching enzyme i results in altered starch fine structure, decreased digestibility and reduced coleoptile growth during germination

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  1. Mispelled reference

    David Dauvillée, CNRS

    8 July 2011

    The reference 65 is mispelled
    Dumeza S, Wattebleda F, Dauvilleea D, Delvallea D, Planchotb V, Ball SG, D'Hulsta C: Mutants of Arabidopsis ....
    should be

    Dumez S, Wattebled F, Dauvillee D, Delvalle D, Planchot V, Ball SG, D'Hulst C: Mutants of Arabidopsis .....

    Competing interests

    None declared