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Table 1 Simplified description of phenotypic effects of three different genetic loci affecting seed coat and hilum colors, adapted from [8].

From: Loss-of-function mutations affecting a specific Glycine max R2R3 MYB transcription factor result in brown hilum and brown seed coats

Inhibitor Tawny R W1 Seed coat color Hilum color Pubesence Flower color
I T R W1/w1 yellow gray tawny purple/white
I t R w1 yellow yellow gray white
I t R W1 yellow gray gray purple
I T r W1 yellow yellow tawny purple/white
I t r W1 yellow yellow gray purple/white
i i T R W1/w1 yellow black tawny purple/white
i i T r W1/w1 yellow brown tawny purple/white
i i t R W1 yellow imperfect black gray purple
i i t R/r w1 yellow buff gray white
i i t r W1/w1 yellow buff gray purple/white
i T R W1/w1 black black tawny purple/white
i t R W1 imperfect black imperfect black gray purple
i t R w1 buff buff gray white
i T r W1/w1 brown brown tawny purple/white
i t r W1/w1 buff buff gray purple/white