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Table 4 Evidence for expression of sequences encoding gamma gliadins with odd numbers of cysteine residues.

From: Analysis of expressed sequence tags from a single wheat cultivar facilitates interpretation of tandem mass spectrometry data and discrimination of gamma gliadin proteins that may play different functional roles in flour

Protein accession # Source # Cysteine residues Region of missing/additional cysteine Reference Sequence used to search NCBI1 # ESTs in NCBI 2
[GenBank: CAC94868.1] T. aestivum cv. Mjoelner 7 III Arentz-Hansen et al. [18] DCQVMRQQSCQQLAQIP 1
[GenBank: ACJ03505.1] Aegilops longissima 7 V Qi et al. [20] VLQTLPTMRNMYVPPY 0
[GenBank: ACJ03516.1] Aegilops searsii 7 IV Qi et al. [20] LAQIPQQLQYAAIHS 0
[GenBank: ACI04088.1] T. aestivum cv. Jinan 177 7 V Chen et al. [21] EAIRSLVLQTLPSMSNVYVPP 0
[GenBank: AAK84776.1] T. aestivum cv. Cheyenne 9 II Anderson et al. [14] HTFPQPQQTCPHQPQQQFPQ 0
[GenBank: ACJ03499.1] T. urartu 9 II Qi et al. [20] PFCQHQQPFYQQPQQTFPHQPQ 0
[GenBank: CAI78902.1] T. aestivum cv. Neepawa 9 II Snegaroff, unpublished PFPQSQQQCLQQPQHQFPQPTQQ 0
[GenBank: ACI04102.1] T. aestivum × Lophopyrum elongatum 9 V Chen et al. [21] RHTDPATTVSACPGQGIIQPQQ 3
[GenBank: ACI04105.1] T. aestivum × Lophopyrum elongatum 9 V Chen et al. [21] RHTDPATTVSACPGQGIIQPQQ 3
[GenBank: ACI04108.1] T. aestivum × Lophopyrum elongatum 9 II Chen et al. [21] PFPQPQQPFCQQPQQPYP 0
  1. 1 The extra cysteine in proteins containing nine cysteines or residue substituted for cysteine in proteins containing seven cysteines is underlined.
  2. 2 determined by tBLASTn search of non-human, non-mouse ESTs, limited to Triticum, word size 2, expect 30000, PAM30, no compositional adjustment, no filters, no masks, database last searched on 7/22/09.