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Table 1 Yield and total biomass water use efficiency (WUE) of maize and grass pea in response to three P treatments (P0–P2) and two water treatments (drought stress (DS) and well-watered (WW)) under three cropping patterns (no barrier, nylon barrier and solid barrier) in maize-grass pea intercropping system

From: Transition in plant–plant facilitation in response to soil water and phosphorus availability in a legume-cereal intercropping system

Treatments Maize yield (WUE) Maize biomass (WUE) Grass pea yield (WUE) Grass pea biomass (WUE)
P0 (DS) No barrier 0.105e 2.242e 0.145e 0.426f
Nylon barrier 0.092f 2.038f 0.148de 0.436ef
Solid barrier 0.086f 1.930f 0.156d 0.450e
P1 (DS) No barrier 0.377c 3.191a 0.174c 0.495d
Nylon barrier 0.369c 3.131a 0.179c 0.508 cd
Solid barrier 0.356d 2.953b 0.183bc 0.525bc
P2 (DS) No barrier 0.467ab 2.739c 0.193ab 0.536b
Nylon barrier 0.474a 2.678c 0.193ab 0.534b
Solid barrier 0.460b 2.521d 0.200a 0.557a
P0 (WW) No barrier 0.160f 2.035f 0.201d 0.548d
Nylon barrier 0.154f 1.989f 0.213d 0.603c
Solid barrier 0.149f 1.895f 0.220d 0.614c
P1 (WW) No barrier 1.040d 3.655bc 0.315c 0.807b
Nylon barrier 0.968e 3.474de 0.329c 0.838b
Solid barrier 0.940e 3.398e 0.330c 0.841b
P2 (WW) No barrier 1.344a 3.943a 0.382b 0.956a
Nylon barrier 1.258b 3.746b 0.396ab 0.966a
Solid barrier 1.165c 3.569 cd 0.416a 0.988a
Anova W *** *** *** ***
P *** *** *** ***
C *** *** *** ***
W*P *** *** *** ***
W*B *** ns ns ns
P*B ** ns ns ns
W*P*B *** ns ns ns
  1. N = 5. Values followed by different lowercase letters (a, b) indicate significant difference (P < 0.05). W (water treatment), P (phosphorus treatment), C (cropping pattern). ***, **, *, ns, significant difference at 1‰, 1%, 5% and not significant at 5% level