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Table 2 Means of morphological traits in parental genotypes and full-sib families of tall fescue at three harvests (spring, summer and autumn) during 2017–2020

From: Genetic parameters and selection in full-sib families of tall fescue using best linear unbiased prediction (BLUP) analysis

Parental genotypes
  2017 2018 2019 2020
Harvest DFY (g/plant) H (cm) CD (cm) DFY (g/plant) H (cm) CD (cm) DFY (g/plant) H (cm) CD (cm) DFY (g/plant) H (cm) CD (cm)
Spring 67.97a 32.23a 15.93a 86.12a 58.48a 23.11a 200.19a 103.40a 27.09a 125.77a 62.45a 16.09a
Summer 29.46c 22.02b 9.19b 37.62c 30.12b 15.11b 101.85c 46.40c 18.64b 35.92c 26.54c 5.547c
Autumn 43.28b 29.79ab 9.53b 50.07b 34.04b 17.16b 173.21b 65.90b 23.88ab 55.91b 45.26b 10.38b
Full-sib families
  2017 2018 2019 2020
DFY (g/plant) H (cm) CD (cm) DFY (g/plant) H (cm) CD (cm) DFY (g/plant) H (cm) CD (cm) DFY (g/plant) H (cm) CD (cm)
Spring 104.51a 48.28a 16.01a 426.28a 76.92a 25.53a 471.02a 117.20a 34.72a 215.96a 85.07a 22.34a
Summer 57.37b 38.53b 9.05b 140.90c 39.20c 17.47b 188.53c 54.92c 25.52b 57.04c 34.78c 10.60c
Autumn 63.54b 42.34b 11.50b 222.49b 53.24b 19.28b 311.14b 80.62b 31.95ab 106.80b 64.70b 16.69b
  1. DFY dry forage yield, H plant height, CD crown diameter
  2. a,b,cIn each coulmn, in parental genotypes or full-sib families, means sharing different letter are significantly different at the 5% level by LSD test