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Table 2 Stomatal aperture, stomatal size, stomatal density (SD) and maximum stomatal conductance to water vapor (gwmax) on the adaxial and abaxial surfaces of leaves for tomato under the well-watered (CK) and drought conditions

From: Coordination of leaf hydraulic, anatomical, and economical traits in tomato seedlings acclimation to long-term drought

Treatment stomatal aperture (µm) stomatal size (µm2) SD
(mol H2O m−2 s−1)
CKada 4.57±0.3 b 50.91±6.85 b 204.18±9.8 c 0.65±0.06 b
CKaba 5.30±0.1 a 63.39±3.4 a 291.68±1.7 a 0.98±0.03 a
Droughtada 3.73±0.2 c 38.98±1.6 bc 226.56±5.4 b 0.67±0.03 b
Droughtaba 3.34±0.1 c 32.28±3.1 c 295.08±9.6 a 0.80±0.06 b