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Table 2 The 21 putative gene models in the target mapping region

From: Map-based cloning and promoter variation analysis of the lobed leaf gene BoLMI1a in ornamental kale (Brassica oleracea L. var. acephala)

Gene ID Location Homologous gene in A. thaliana Annotation
Bo9g181620 C9: 53678143–53,680,993 AT5G03900 iron-sulphur cluster biosynthesis family protein
Bo9g181630 C9: 53681760–53,682,275 AT5G03890 hypothetical protein
Bo9g181640 C9: 53685355–53,687,538 AT5G03880 thioredoxin family protein
Bo9g181650 C9: 53697594–53,698,572
Bo9g181660 C9: 53698893–53,699,987 AT5G03850 nucleic acid-binding, OB-fold-like protein
Bo9g181670 C9: 53703655–53,704,734 AT5G03840 protein TERMINAL FLOWER 1
Bo9g181680 C9: 53711576–53,712,658
Bo9g181690 C9: 53713320–53,715,156 AT5G03795 probable glycosyltransferase
Bo9g181700 C9: 53717227–53,718,573 AT5G03795 probable glycosyltransferase
Bo9g181710 C9: 53720142–53,721,856 AT5G03790 encodes a homeodomain leucine zipper class I (HD-Zip I) meristem identity regulator
Bo9g181720 C9: 53749509–53,750,894 AT5G03790 encodes a homeodomain leucine zipper class I (HD-Zip I) meristem identity regulator
Bo9g181730 C9: 53755444–53,758,253 AT5G03770 probable 3-deoxy-D-manno-octulosonic acid transferase
Bo9g181740 C9: 53760949–53,762,178
Bo9g181750 C9: 53765687–53,769,942 AT5G03760 glucomannan 4-beta-mannosyltransferase 9
Bo9g181760 C9: 53771597–53,773,283 AT5G03740 histone deacetylase 2C
Bo9g181770 C9: 53777463–53,782,597 AT5G03730 serine/threonine-protein kinase CTR1
Bo9g181780 C9: 53783895–53,785,735 AT5G03720 heat shock transcription factor A3
Bo9g181790 C9: 53793205–53,794,037
Bo9g181800 C9: 53801111–53,802,559 AT5G03700 D-mannose binding lectin protein with Apple-like carbohydrate-binding domain
Bo9g181810 C9: 53803210–53,804,612 AT5G03690 fructose-bisphosphate aldolase 4
Bo9g181820 C9: 53807596–53,810,446 AT5G03680 trihelix transcription factor PTL