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Table 2 Phenolic acid contents in FC and CC rhizosphere soil

From: Physiological and transcriptomic analyses to reveal underlying phenolic acid action in consecutive monoculture problem of Polygonatum odoratum

Rhizosphere soil sample p-hydroxybenzoic acid (μg/g) Vanillic acid
Syringic acid
Cumaric acid
Ferulic acid
FC 0.0554 0.2806 0.0337 0.0204 0.0187
CC 0.1372a 0.3003 0.0590a 0.0385a 0.0303a
  1. Note: a was marked for the significant difference within the same column with the T-Student’s method (P < 0.05, n = 3). FC stands for first cropping, and CC stands for continuous cropping