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Table 5 Summary of candidate genes for detected QTL in apple genome GDDH13 and result of the blast to genome of other pear species

From: Genome-wide association study of individual sugar content in fruit of Japanese pear (Pyrus spp.)

      BLAST to genome of European pear (P. communis L. ‘Bartlett’) BLAST to genome of wild pear in China (P. betulaefolia)
SNP Trait Candidate gene in GDDH13 ID Position of candidate gene in GDDH13 Position  Identity (%) Bit score Position Identity (%) Bit score
Chr07_33139082 SUC,FRU,GLC Acid invertase, MdoVIN2 MDP0000377084 Chr7:32184887 Chr7:23975117 93.9 1893 Chr7:24394889 94.0 1892
  SUC Sucrose synthase 4 MD15G1223500 Chr15:18156590 Chr15:14168216 96.3 3561 Chr15:14346485 96.2 3544
  FRU Sucrose synthase 4 MD15G1223500 Chr15:18156590 Chr15:14346485 96.3 3561 Chr15:14346485 96.2 3544
Chr04_29871378 FRU ERD6-like gene MD04G1211000 Chr4:29523287 Chr4:20641984 93.7 1404 Chr4:25696155 95.1 1467
Chr11_41197041 FRU, GLC A tandem repeat of ERD6-like genes MD11G1293100 Chr11:41256007 Chr11:28621080 95.4 4401 Chr11:33736771 95.8 4455
   A tandem repeat of ERD6-like genes MD11G1293200 Chr11:41260335 Chr11:28626231 95.7 5312 Chr11:33741882 95.2 5230
   A tandem repeat of ERD6-like genes MD11G1293300 Chr11:41264834 Chr11:28631364 94.9 616 Chr11:33746689 94.9 614
   A tandem repeat of ERD6-like genes MD11G1293400 Chr11:41270166 Chr11:28638653 95.4 5738 Chr11:33757627 95.9 3607
Chr03_31587739 HarT NAC18.1 transcription factor MD03G1222600 Chr3:30696191 Chr3:18264874 96.6 1616 Chr3:25257554 96.8 1626
Chr15_16568005 HarT ACS gene family MD15G1203500 Chr15:16180415 Chr15:12799631 96.9 1882 Chr15:12917853 95.0 1773
Chr16_3043313 Aci Aluminum-activated malate transporter-like gene, ma1 MDP0000252114 Chr16:3176495 Chr16:2447780 95.9 2486 Chr16:2478566 96.1 2512
  1. Traits are as defined in Table 2
  2. MDP0000377084 and MDP0000252114 are IDs from the Malus × domestica genome v1.0, which is the previous version of GDDH13
  3. The sequences of candidate genes in GDDH13 were compared to the genome sequences of P. communis L. ‘Bartlett’ and P. betuleafolia using a local installation of blastn 2.7.1
  4. SUC = sucrose content, FRU = fructose content, GLC = glucose content, SOR = sorbitol content, HarT = harvest time, Aci = acidity