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Table 1 The top 7 enriched pathways of DEGs in BS

From: Transcriptome and metabolomic analysis to reveal the browning spot formation of ‘Huangguan’ pear

Pathway name Type Down Pathway ID Q-value
MAPK signaling pathway - plant Environmental Information
34 ko04016 4.86E-12
Flavonoid biosynthesis Metabolism 21 ko00941 1.47E-06
Plant-pathogen interaction Organismal Systems 22 ko04626 1.14E-05
Carotenoid biosynthesis Metabolism 12 ko00906 0.001625608
Porphyrin and chlorophyll metabolism Metabolism 13 ko00860 0.008369283
Plant hormone signal transduction Environmental Information
71 ko04075 0.008369283
Brassinosteroid biosynthesis Metabolism 3 ko00905 0.02783563
  1. These were selected with an FDR adjusted Q-value< 0.05