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Table 1 Viability, protein content, and chlorophyll concentrations of cultures with or without MG132 grown at LL or HL for 2 h. Different letters represent a significant difference (p < 0.05) between treatments

From: Proteasome inhibition rapidly exacerbates photoinhibition and impedes recovery during high light stress in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

 Viability (%)protien (ug/mL)chlorophyll a (ug/ml)chlorophyll b (ug/ml)chl a: chl b
LL98.3(0.5)a0.43(0.06)a2.12 (0.13)a0.87(0.1)a2.43 (0.15)a
LL-MG13298.7 (0.9)a0.62 (0.07)b2.07 (0.05)a0.81 (0.07)a2.55 (0.07)a
HL97.6 (1)a0.41 (0.03)a1.77 (0.11)b0.69 (0.15)b2.56 (0.22)a
HL-MG13298.1 (0.8)a0.67 (0.01)b1.8 (0.09)b0.68 (0.06)b2.64 (0.16)a