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Table 2 Summary of the Illumina paired end sequencing and de novo assembly for V. mungo transcripts

From: Bruchid beetle ovipositioning mediated defense responses in black gram pods

Database Number
Total clean reads 195,617,088
Total length of clean reads (bp) 57,507,553,926
Assembly Trinity
Number of contigs 101,823
Total length of contigs (bp) 107,355,854
Average length of contigs (bp) 1054
Max length of contigs (bp) 15,724
Min length of contigs (bp) 201
Contig size N50 (bp) 1887
Number of unigenes 41,806
Total length of unigenes (bp) 62,639,845
Average length of unigenes (bp) 1498
Max length of unigenes (bp) 15,724
Min length of unigenes (bp) 201
Unigene size N50 (bp) 2078