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Table 1 Summary of high quality reads of V. mungo transcriptome obtained from pods of IC-8219 and T-9 cultivars after 7 days of ovipositioning (T) by bruchids along with non-oviposited(C) pods

From: Bruchid beetle ovipositioning mediated defense responses in black gram pods

Sample Number of paired end reads Size of paired end reads (bp)
IC-8219 (T) 26,838,337 7,907,548,094
IC-8219 (T) 24,365,604 7,127,824,767
IC-8219 (C) 24,799,219 7,292,871,647
IC-8219 (C) 20,081,440 5,947,495,753
T-9 (T) 25,245,800 7,402,238,660
T-9 (T) 22,669,389 6,651,944,468
T-9 (C) 21,566,510 6,359,937,646
T-9 (C) 30,050,789 8,817,692,891