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Table 5 Correlation coefficient values (r) among multiple parameters in 24 wheat genotypes

From: Comprehensive evaluation of physiological traits under nitrogen stress and participation of linolenic acid in nitrogen-deficiency response in wheat seedlings

  1. All the data were based on the ratio of nitrogen deficient to nitrogen sufficient treatments. Scale: from brightest blue to brightest red represented negative and positive correlation, respectively, in the present study. ** and * represent significance at 0.01 and 0.05 levels, respectively. SDW, shoot dry weight; R/S, root to shoot ratio; RL, root length; EC, electrical conductivity; Chl, chlorophyll content; H2O2, hydrogen peroxide content; MDA, malondialdehyde content; Sucrose, soluble sugar content; Starch, starch content; TNC, total non-structural carbohydrates; C/N, carbon to nitrogen ratio; N, leaf total nitrogen content; 16:0, palmitic acid; 16:1, hexadecylenic acid; 16:2, hexadecadienoic acid; 16:3, hexadecatrienoic acid; 18:0, stearic acid; 18:1, oleic acid; 18:2, linoleic acid; 18:3, linolenic acid; DBI, double bond index