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Table 1 The promising genes associated with salinity tolerance. The differentially expressed genes detected by more than one approach (common genes) and located on meta-QTLs regions overlying original QTLs for both yield components and ion homeostasis traits were assumed as promising candidate genes in this study (the pipeline is presented in Fig. 4)

From: Salt tolerance involved candidate genes in rice: an integrative meta-analysis approach

Gene ID Gene name/ function Meta position Tissue (Expressed in)
LOC_Os01g20980.1 Pectinesterase Chr1: M-QTL2 Root
LOC_Os01g22249.1 Peroxidase Chr1: M-QTL2 Leaves
LOC_Os02g06410.1 CBS domain containing membrane protein Chr2: M-QTL1 Root
LOC_Os02g06640.1 Ubiquitin family protein, putative, expressed Chr2:M-QTL1 Leaves
LOC_Os04g03810.1 OsSub38, Putative Subtilisin homologue, expressed Chr4:M-QTL1 Root
LOC_Os04g26870.1 Oxidoreductase, aldo/keto reductase family Chr4: M-QTL2 Seedling
LOC_Os04g06910.1 Expressed protein Chr4:M-QTL1 Seedling
LOC_Os04g10750.1 Inorganic phosphate transporter Chr4:M-QTL1 Seedling
LOC_Os05g42130.1 MOC1,Transcription regulation, GRAS family Chr5: M-QTL4 Root
LOC_Os05g39720.1 WRKY70, Transcription regulation, Negative regulator of stomatal closure through SA- and ABA-mediated signaling Chr5: M-QTL4 Seedling
LOC_Os05g39770.1 Aminotransferase, putative, expressed Chr5:M-QTL4 Leaves
LOC_Os05g38660.1 Expressed protein Chr5:M-QTL4 Seedling
LOC_Os05g40010.1 LTPL17, Protease inhibitor/seed storage/LTP family protein precursor, Signal domain Chr5:M-QTL4 Seedling
LOC_Os05g41670.1 Expressed protein Chr5:M-QTL4 Seedling
LOC_Os05g39990.1 Plant-type cell wall organization Chr5:M-QTL4 Root
LOC_Os05g39250.1 Phosphatidylethanolamine Chr5:M-QTL4 Root
LOC_Os06g48860.1 OsSAUR28, Auxin-responsive SAUR gene family member, expressed Chr6:M-QTL4 Root
LOC_Os06g48810.1 OsHKT1, Na+‚ÄČtransporter, k+‚ÄČtransporter,cation transmembrane transporter activity Chr6: M-QTL4 Root and Leaves
LOC_Os06g48300.1 PP2C, protein serine/threonine phosphatase activity Chr6: M-QTL4 Root, Seedling & leaves
LOC_Os06g49190.1 LTPL154, Protease inhibitor/seed storage/LTP family protein precursor, Signal domain Chr6:M-QTL4 Seedling