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Table 4 Spearman’s Rho correlation analysis result among tandem repeats, indels and SNPs using R v.3.5.3 [36] with correlation strengths of Akoglu [37] based on plastome alignments between eleven Avena species presented here available in Genome Warehouse database and two Avena species available in NCBI (NC031650.1 and NC027468.1) with A. sativa_Liu312 as a reference (150 bp windows)

From: Comparative chloroplast genome analyses of Avena: insights into evolutionary dynamics and phylogeny

  Tandem repeats and indels Tandem repeats and SNPs Indels and SNPs
Rho 0.3585 0.2607 0.2606
p-value 2.20 × 10−16*** 1.48 × 10−15*** 1.53 × 10− 15***
  1. ***Correlation was strongly significant at p < 0.01