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Table 2 Limited pollination does not restore male transmission in pigs-1 or gpi8–2

From: AtPIG-S, a predicted Glycosylphosphatidylinositol Transamidase subunit, is critical for pollen tube growth in Arabidopsis

  Observed No. of progeny  
Female parent Male parent BastaRa BastaSa TE (R/S) Χ2 P-value
Wild type pigs-1/+ 3 121 0.02 112.3 < 0.001
Wild type gpi8–2/+ 1 150 0.01 147.0 < 0.001
pigs-1/+ Wild type 51 71 0.72 3.28 0.07
gpi8–2/+ Wild type 47 63 0.75 2.33 0.13
  1. TE, Transmission efficiency was calculated as the quotient of basta resistant (R) divided by susceptible (S) progeny of the indicated cross in which only a limited number of pollen grains (< 40) were used
  2. χ2 was calculated based on the expectation of a 1:1 segregation of basta resistance to susceptibility in the progeny
  3. aBasta herbicide resistant (BastaR) or susceptible (BastaS) progeny. Basta resistance gene is linked with the T-DNA that is inserted into the GPI8 or PIGS genes (pigs-1 and gpi8–2 mutants, respectively)