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Table 8 Sampling location P. vietnamensis from Vietnam in the present study

From: De novo assembly and Transcriptome characterization of an endemic species of Vietnam, Panax vietnamensis Ha et Grushv., including the development of EST-SSR markers for population genetics

Population code Location Latitude
Sample size
TN Tra Linh, Nam Tra My,
Quang Nam province
15o 1′51.92” 107o58’46.44” 1920 18
DT Tak Ngo, Quang Nam province 15o 00′60.7” 108o01’66.0” 1567 32
KT Mang Ri, Tu Mo Rong, Kon Tum province 14o 59′11.12” 107o57’10.87” 1880 48