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Table 7 Identification and classification to drought resistance on genotypes tested of the whole growth stage

From: Screening diverse soybean genotypes for drought tolerance by membership function value based on multiple traits and drought-tolerant coefficient of yield

Drought tolerance and high yield Non-drought tolerance and high yield Drought tolerance and low yield Non-drought tolerance and low yield
DD14, JD36, JD37, LD18, LD24, LD25, LD29, LD30, SN12, SN16, SN17, TF31, TD39, TD43, TD45, TD46, TD48, TD49, TD50, TD55, TD56, TD57, YW9. LX2,
DD11, KY11, LD17, LD23, LD26, LD31, TD37. DD12, DD13, DD15, FD17, KY12, L08–28, LD15, LD21, LD22, LD28, SN8, SN10, SN11, TD38, TD40, TD42, XY11, YW6.