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Table 1 Details of the radish FLC orthologues identified in OSR

From: The oilseed rape developmental expression resource: a resource for the investigation of gene expression dynamics during the floral transition in oilseed rape

Radish gene OSR gene Chromosome End (bp) Start (bp) BLAST HSP bit score BLAST HSP length (bp) BLAST identity (%)
Cultivar WK10039 FLC1 (KP027017) XLOC_047868 chrA10 15,003,589 14,998,200 434.10 381 85.83
Cultivar WK10039 FLC2 (KP027026) XLOC_006960 chrA02 138,121 134,159 342.12 274 85.77
Cultivar WK10039 FLC3 (KP027035) XLOC_012674 chrA03 1,364,314 1,360,824 412.45 332 88.55
  1. The GenBank identifier for the radish gene sequence used is given in parentheses in the ‘Radish gene’ column. The OSR gene that had the highest high-scoring segment pair (HSP) score, as calculated by the BLAST algorithm, is reported here. The data in this table is copied directly from the ORDER table view.