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Table 1 The number of protein coding unigenes detected from the total assembled transcripts of 54 cultivars of three blueberry species

From: Molecular footprints of selection effects and whole genome duplication (WGD) events in three blueberry species: detected by transcriptome dataset

Code Total number of transcripts Total number of transcripts annotated by at least one of Nr, Swiss-Prot, GO and KEGG Total number of transcripts predicted by ESTScan Total number of protein coding transcript
T1 45,535 28,091 2052 30,143
T2 42,914 28,115 1807 29,922
T3 43,630 27,256 1635 28,891
  1. T1, T2 and T3 indicate rabbiteye (V. virgatum), southern highbush (V. corymbosum × southern species), and northern highbush blueberry (V. corymbosum) species, respectively