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Table 2 Differentially Expressed Proteins identified in Catongo

From: The pathogen Moniliophthora perniciosa promotes differential proteomic modulation of cacao genotypes with contrasting resistance to witches´ broom disease

Spot IDIdentified
UP/DOWNFold changeaBiologic functionbCellular localizationcTime-course
Oxidative stress
 622ascorbate peroxidase [Theobroma cacao]UP1.854O SCh P45DAI
 813Peroxidase [Theobroma cacao]UP1.73OV45DAI
 1544Peroxidase [Theobroma cacao]UPOV45DAI
 1531Peroxidase 68 [Theobroma cacao]UPOA45DAI
 1639Class III peroxidase [Theobroma cacao]DOWNOA45DAI
 1637Peroxidase 4DOWNOU45DAI
 1657Peroxidase 4DOWNOU45DAI
Photosynthesis and carbohydrate metabolism
 231Malate dehydrogenase cytoplasmicUP3.354E SA V Ch N P C72HAI
 273Sucrose synthaseUP2.146EU72HAI
 212Pyrophosphate--fructose 6 phosphate 1 phosphotransferase subunit alphaUP1.57E F NU72HAI
 946Rhamnose biosynthesis 1 isoform 1 [Theobroma cacao]UPE NC72HAI
 967hypothetical protein CICLE_v10032502mg [Citrus clementina]UPF N E SCh A72HAI
 885Malate dehydrogenase [Theobroma cacao]DOWNECh72HAI
 808PfkB-like carbohydrate kinase family protein [Theobroma cacao]DOWNEP72HAI
 916Beta-glucosidase 44DOWNEU72HAI
 1649Malate dehydrogenase [Theobroma cacao]DOWNSM Ch A45DAI
 943NADP-dependent malic enzymeDOWN9.172E N PC45DAI
 1641PfkB-like carbohydrate kinase family protein [Theobroma cacao]DOWNEP45DAI
 1648Aldolase superfamily protein isoform 1 [Theobroma cacao]DOWNS EC N Ch P A45DAI
 1678Phosphoglycerate kinase cytosolicDOWNE N SN A P C Ch45DAI
 1569Aldolase-type TIM barrel family protein isoform 1 [Theobroma cacao]UPEV N A C45DAI
 787Aldolase-type TIM barrel family protein isoform 1 [Theobroma cacao]UP1.612ECh M C45DAI
 868Glucose-6-phosphate 1 dehydrogenase cytoplasmic isoformUP1.593EC45DAI
 1626Photosystem II subunit O-2 [Theobroma cacao]DOWNN S FA Ch45DAI
Stress and defense
 250methionine synthase [Coffea arabica]UP1.598E SA Ch C P72HAI
 2,515-methyltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate--homocysteine methyltransferaseUP2.001E SA Ch C P72HAI
 937Prohibitin 2 [Theobroma cacao]UPE SM V P CH72HAI
 224Chloroplast heat shock protein 70 isoform 1 [Theobroma cacao]DOWN11.11P S N EU72HAI
 1551hypothetical protein CICLE_v10027981mg [Citrus clementina]UPN P S 45DAI
 1525heat shock protein 70B [Arabidopsis thaliana]UPN S P OC Ch45DAI
 1523Prohibitin 2 [Theobroma cacao]UPSM V P Ch45DAI
 583Osmotin 34 [Theobroma cacao]UP3.243SA45DAI
 1515Osmotin 34 [Theobroma cacao]UPSA45DAI
 649Basic chitinase [Theobroma cacao]UP2.327S E TV P45DAI
 1520Basic chitinase [Theobroma cacao]UPE SV P45DAI
 658Glucan endo 1 3 beta glucosidase basic vacuolar isoformUP3.7SV45DAI
 1538Ankyrin repeat domain-containing protein 2 isoform 1 [Theobroma cacao]UPP SN C Ch P45DAI
 1507Uncharacterized protein TCM_004731 [Theobroma cacao]UPSU45DAI
 57521 kDa seed protein [Theobroma cacao]DOWN5.567SEA P45DAI
 57821 kDa seed protein [Theobroma cacao]DOWN6.331SEA P45DAI
 58021 kDa seed protein [Theobroma cacao]DOWN2.074  45DAI
 1578Voltage dependent anion channel 2 [Theobroma cacao]UPE SM V Ch P45DAI
 1621Prohibitin 3 isoform 1 [Theobroma cacao]DOWNS EN Ch P45DAI
 1629Prohibitin 2 [Theobroma cacao]DOWNSP45DAI
 17355-methyltetrahydropteroyltriglutamate--homocysteine methyltransferaseDOWNESA P Ch C45DAI
 1590MLP-like protein 28 [Theobroma cacao]DOWNSC Ch N45DAI
 1661MLP-like protein 28DOWNSC Ch N45DAI
 1717Heat shock 70 kDa protein mitochondrialDOWNP N S OM P Ch V45DAI
 1825Heat shock cognate protein 70–1 [Theobroma cacao]DOWNS PC45DAI
 1732Heatshock cognate protein 80DOWNS PC45DAI
 1816Acidic endochitinase [Theobroma cacao]DOWNS EV45DAI
 1693putative miraculin-like protein 2 [Citrus hybrid cultivar]DOWNSEA P45DAI
  1. a. No Fold change number indicates exclusive proteins
  2. b. Biologic functional characterization performed at Blast2Go software: O = Oxidative stress; S = Stress and defense; Ph = Photosynthesis; E = Metabolism and energy; T = Signal transduction; N = Nucleic acid metabolism; P = Protein metabolism; U = Unknown
  3. c. Subcellular localization characterization performed at Blast2Go software: Ch = Chloroplast; M = Mitochondria; C = Cytoplasm; P = Plasma membrane; N = Nucleus; V = Vacuole; A = Apoplast; U = Unknown