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Table 4 The number of DEGs involved in the biosynthesis of starch and sucrose in Dendrobium moniliforme

From: Polysaccharide biosynthetic pathway profiling and putative gene mining of Dendrobium moniliforme using RNA-Seq in different tissues

Enzyme CodeEnzyme NameAbbreviationNumber of DEGs (Dm_L vs. Dm_S)Number of DEGs (Dm_R vs. Dm_L)Number of DEGs (Dm_R vs. Dm_S)β-fructofuranosidasesacA122 glucose pyrophosphorylasegalU41510 4-epimeraseGALE384 4-epimeraseUGE321 4-epimeraseUXE210 isomeraseGPI296 isomeraseMPI333 guanylyltransferaseGMPP466 4,6-dehydrataseGMDS142