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Table 3 QTLs for seed tocopherol ratios in RILs of TK780 and B04009 cross

From: Identification of quantitative trait loci for increased α-tocopherol biosynthesis in wild soybean using a high-density genetic map

TraitYear testedQTL-ChrPosition (cM)Support interval (cM)LOD scorePVE (%)Additive effect of B04009 alleleFlanking marker1)
α/γ ratio2016qαγR-99695.5–97.518.242.86.9S09_45093824/ S09_45831868
qαγR-11198194.5–−3.1S11_31748669 / S11_32054530
qαγR-12.110– / S12_1790872
qαγR-12.24947.5–−2.5S12_9268661 / S12_9725498
2017qαγR-99291.5–92.521.142.64.8S09_43927286 / S09_44366371
qαγR-11197192.5–−1.9S11_31748669 / S11_32054530
qαγR-12.110–1.510.516.03.0S12_1507927 / S12_1790872
qαγR-174443.5–−1.7S17_8786113 / S17_9025866
  1. 1) Physical positions of the QTL support intervals are indicated in the flanking marker names. The two digits after S represent the chromosome, while the number after the underline represents the physical position on the reference genome Williams82.a2
  2. α/γ ratio (%) = ratio of α-Toc content to γ-Toc content
  3. PVE = percent of variation explained (%)