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Table 1 Effect of nitrogen supplementation on the uptake of sodium, potassium, nitrogen and nitrate reductase activity in Triticum aestivum L subjected to salinity stress. Data is mean (±SE) of three replicates. Values followed by different letters are significantly different at P < 0.05

From: Nitrogen availability prevents oxidative effects of salinity on wheat growth and photosynthesis by up-regulating the antioxidants and osmolytes metabolism, and secondary metabolite accumulation

 ControlNaClN1N2NaCl + N1NaCl + N2
Na (mg g− 1 DW)5.98 ± 0.54c13.89 ± 0.92a3.40 ± 0.17d2.09 ± 0.15de9.90 ± 0.81b6.09 ± 0.59c
K (mg g− 1 DW)22.78 ± 1.8c13.87 ± 1.01e26.09 ± 2.1b33.87 ± 2.4a17.02 ± 1.12d21.22 ± 1.9c