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Table 1 Results of mean regression between plant traits and yield

From: Quantile function modeling with application to salinity tolerance analysis of plant data

TraitsCoefficient valueStandard errorp-value
Plant height (cm)0.35260.23290.130530
Flowering time (days)-1.12820.31950.000438
Ripening period (days)-0.89522.53870.724464
Ear number per plant10.30503.21220.001390
Grain number per ear6.77320.79032e-16
Condition × Plant height (cm)-0.65670.28110.019716
Condition × Flowering time (days)-0.27330.42320.518699
Condition × Ripening period (days)1.23122.91020.672357
Condition × Ear number per plant-0.54433.67110.882178
Condition × Grain number per ear0.98601.02410.335920
  1. The three columns represent the estimated coefficient value, standard error and the p-value for the respective covariate obtained by fitting a multiple mean regression model with sample size 808. The significant p-values are marked with a ‘*’, for a significance level of 0.05. The variable condition is a dummy variable and was coded 1 for non-saline conditions and 0 for saline conditions. a × b represents the interaction between a and b