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Table 3 Gene ID, functional annotation, description and function of the eight transcription factors analyzed by dPCR

From: Understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying graft success in grapevine

Emsemble Genomes ID Annotation Predicted (NCBI release 101) Description Function References
VIT_19s0027g01120 Lateral organ boundaries protein 4 (LBD4) LOB family protein Cell proliferation in the cambium. Activation of phloem differentiation. Yordanov et al. [28];
Guerriero et al. [29].
VIT_18s0001g10160 Wuschel homeobox 4 (WOX4) Homeobox transcription factor Stem cell maintenance in cambium and differentiation and/or maintenance of the vascular cambium. Hirakawa et al. [30];
Suer et al. [31];
Guerriero et al. [29].
VIT_18s0001g06430 Homeobox-leucine zipper protein ATHB-6 (ATHB6) b-ZIP transcriptional factor Negative regulator of Abscisic acid signaling (ABA) pathway. Cell division and/or differentiation in developing organs. Sӧderman et al. [27].
VIT_06s0004g03130 Auxin response factor 4 (ARF4) Auxin response factor Auxin signaling. Organ polarity, vascular development and organ asymmetry establishment. Pekker et al. [32];
Hunter et al. [33].
VIT_07s0141g00290 Auxin-responsive protein IAA16-like (IAA16) Aux/IAA family Auxin signaling. Repressor of ARF response. Plant growth. Korasick et al. [34];
Rinaldi et al. [35].
VIT_18s0001g02540 Response regulator ARR9 Type A ARRs Negative regulation of cytokinin signaling. Callus and lateral root formation. Perianez-Rodriguez et al. [36].
VIT_04s0008g06000 Ethylene-responsive transcription factor ERF3 Ethylene response factor
Ethylene signaling. Cell division in developing vascular tissue. Xylem development. Etchells et al. [37]
Vahala et al. [38]
VIT_16s0013g00890 Ethylene-responsive element binding factor - ERF1 Ethylene response factor Ethylene signalling. Cell division in developing vascular tissue. Etchells et al. [37]