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Table 1 Candidate genes selected from the transcriptomics / FTIR- based screen. Gene annotations are based on Araport11 and references listed. WSR: Wall Stress Response

From: Functional characterization of genes mediating cell wall metabolism and responses to plant cell wall integrity impairment

  AGI Gene Annotation Reference
WSR1 At3g13650 DIR7, Disease resistance-responsive (dirigent-like protein) family protein Paniagua et al., 2017 [54]
WSR2 At2g35730 Heavy metal transport / detoxification superfamily protein De Abreu-Neto et al., 2013 [55]
WSR3 At5g47730 SFH19, Sec14p-like phosphatidylinositol transfer family protein Vincent et al., 2005 [56]
WSR4 At2g41820 PXC3, Leucine-rich repeat protein kinase family protein Wang et al., 2013 [57]