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Fig. 7

From: The Solanum chacoense Fertilization-Related Kinase 3 (ScFRK3) is involved in male and female gametophyte development

Fig. 7

ScMKK3 interacts with the MAP kinase ScMPK13. a. Diagram showing the three different constructs made in pGBKT7 with ScMKK3 as the insert. b. Directed Y2H between the three constructions of ScMKK3-pBKT7 and two ScMPKs. The only positive interaction is shown between ScMKK3-midpart and ScMPK13. c. (i) The interaction between ScMKK3 (35S::MKK3-YFPC) and ScMPK13 (35S::MPK13-YFPC) is confirmed by BiFC in onion cells. (iv) 35S::MPK13-YFPC and 35S::YFPN only (empty vector) used as negative control. (ii, v) All BiFC interactions were done in triplicates with at least 10 fluorescent cells per replicate. Nuclear localization confirmation with the Hoechst 33342 DNA stain. (iii, vi) DIC image of i and ii, and iv and v, respectively. Scale bars: 50 μm

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