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Fig. 4

From: Transcriptome and physiological analyses for revealing genes involved in wheat response to endoplasmic reticulum stress

Fig. 4

Summary of RNA sequencing data. (a) Histogram of DEGs number under different groups. (b) Venn diagram showing the number of DEGs between every two groups and the number of joint DEGs. (c) Hierarchical clustering of DEGs, using the RNA sequencing data derived from three treatments based on log10 (FPKM+ 1) values. The red bands indicate the higher expression, and the blue bands show the lower expression. (d) Gene expression pattern analysis of DEGs. The four subclusters obtained by K-means algorithm. Expression ratios are expressed as log2 values. The X-axis represents different treatments and the Y-axis represents the relative gene expression. C, control; D, DTT; T, DTT + TUDCA

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