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Table 1 Relative importance of PAE and PUTIL over PUE assessed in low-P conditions field

From: The genetic architecture of phosphorus efficiency in sorghum involves pleiotropic QTL for root morphology and grain yield under low phosphorus availability in the soil

Trait Correlation
(r xiy ) a
Standard Deviation (S) Sx i /S y Relative importance
PAE (x1) 0.9216 0.2285 0.8868 0.82
PUTIL (x2) 0.4763 0.0999 0.3878 0.18
PUE (y)   0.255   
  1. arxiy: Phenotypic correlation among Phosphorus acquisition efficiency (PAE) and Phosphorus internal utilization efficiency (PUTIL) and Phosphorus use efficiency (PUE)