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Table 1 The diagnostic primers, distinguishing the dominant and recessive alleles of the Ant1 and Ant2 genes

From: Purple-grained barley (Hordeum vulgare L.): marker-assisted development of NILs for investigating peculiarities of the anthocyanin biosynthesis regulatory network

Gene Chromo-some Primer pair (5′ → 3′) Annealing temperature, °C PCR product length (nt) in Bowman/BW648 Accessions
Ant1 7HS F: gtttgccaaaggtctatgtga
R: atgaaattcaggaaggtcgt
55 223/248 KP265976–79, barke_contig_1832333, bowman_contig_75050, morex_contig_137164
Ant2 2HL F: gccgtgtgtttccttagtt
R: cgagccaacaacaagcgagac
55 447/268 KX035100, barke_contig_2804331, bowman_contig_857662, morex_contig_1573231
  1. The primers were designed based on the sequences retrieved from NCBI and IPK Barley BLAST Server (