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Table 2 T-DNA insertion lines of the rice SUMOylation machinery obtained, respective wild type and origin site

From: Insights into the transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation of the rice SUMOylation machinery and into the role of two rice SUMO proteases

Genes Locus Gene Name T-DNA Line Background Obtained from References
Os03g03130 OsSCE1a 3A-05464 Dongjin Postech
Os04g49130 OsSCE1c 1A-23738 Hwayoung Postech
Os11g30410 OsSAE1 3D-00611 Dongjin Postech
Os05g03430 OsSIZ1 3A-02154 Dongjin Postech Wang et al. 2011
Os01g25370 OsELS1 04Z11JY66 Zhonghua 11 RMD
Os03g22400 OsFUG1 2A-20225 Hwayoung Postech