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Table 2 Summary of secondary motifs founda

From: Comparative analysis of binding patterns of MADS-domain proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana

Dataset GA/CT-rich motif G-box TCP type I motif TCP type II motif WRKY-like motif
AG Yes Yes No No No
AP1 Yes No No Yes No
AP3 Yes Yes No No No
FLC No No No No No
PI Yes Yes No No No
SEP3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SOC1 Yes No No Yes No
SVP No Yes No No No
  1. a Sequence logos of the motifs summarized in this table can be found in Additional file 10: Figure S4 (GA/CT-rich motif), Additional file 11: Figure S5 (G-box) and Additional file 12: Figure S6 (TCP type I and II). The WRKY-like motif is defined as GTTGACTTT