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Fig. 1

From: The biochemical composition and transcriptome of cotyledons from Brassica napus lines expressing the AtGL3 transcription factor and exhibiting reduced flea beetle feeding

Fig. 1

Total seedling anthocyanins and qRT-PCR of anthocyanin gene expression in B. napus cv. Westar and transgenic lines (AtGL3+ and K-5-8) grown under 24 h continuous light. Panel A: Anthocyanins. Insert shows colour and morphology on the abaxial surface of the cotyledon. Panel B: qRT-PCR of anthocyanin genes. Expression of individual genes is relative to that of glabrous B. napus cv. Westar (set at 1), which has been normalized to the expression of the B. napus Act2 gene. A Tukey test was used to detect significant differences in total anthocyanins or expressed genes between the plant lines. Means (n = 3) + standard error with different letters differ significantly (p ≤ 0.05). FW = fresh weight

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